Retail Lighting Maintenance & Solutions

Retail, Commercial, Industrial Lighting Maintenance based in the UK, serving Europe

We audit, recommend, supply, install and maintain energy efficient commercial lighting throughout Europe.

European Lighting Services

At Challenger Lighting Services Ltd we have more than 15 years’ experience in providing many leading retailers with lighting consultancy, management and solutions.

As one of the industry leaders in commercial lighting maintenance, design and installation, we are expertly placed to audit, recommend, supply and maintain energy efficient lighting throughout the UK and Europe.

We call this The Challenger Solution for retail operations.

Solutions are tailored to suit client's needs with scheduled visits replacing failed/failing lamps and components. Total re-lamps with guarantees by lamp type is an alternative option or transform the location with the latest technology — the options are without obligation.

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Our Engineers & Processes

At Challenger Lighting Services Ltd we have a large team of qualified electrical engineers who are based throughout the UK and Europe — all direct employees, no subcontractors.

Engineers record their work directly to our database using smart-phones. 24/7 reports are available to our clients via our website including reports on works carried out, costs and information regarding next scheduled visits etc.

We call this The Challenger System.

We are a flexible organisation expanding in line with existing and new customer demands within the retail sector and beyond.

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Energy Saving

At Challenger Lighting Services Ltd we use quality lamps, components and luminaires from leading manufacturers — many of whom trust us to provide on-going service for their installations.

When visiting commercial, industrial and retail sites for the first time, our priority is to carry out a survey to identify potential energy saving concepts and on-site requirements for maintenance or upgrade with the latest technologies available today and in process with only realistic payback periods.

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