In-House Testing

Uniquely, we carry out our own in-house testing to validate manufacturers performance figures and ensure the products we recommend and supply are fit for purpose.

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LED Luminaire Testing

We carry out our own in-house testing for and we will only install LED lighting products that comply with our own rigorous standards.

Products are tested through the voltage range of 210V - 260V at 50Hz for:

  • Light output
  • Colour Temperature
  • Colour Rendering
  • Flicker
  • Circuit Watts
  • Power Factor
  • Thermals

These results are compared to manufacturers claims for accuracy and compliance.

Results & Reporting

The results are recorded, saved and used exclusively in our own energy saving calculation programs.

Only after these tests are completed and analysed will we consider the product for inclusion in our customer projects.

The data is compared to test results from traditional lighting technologies – lamps and tubes driven by magnetic and electronic devices.

The results of our testing, either on old or new technology, forms the basis of all our calculations ensuring we are as precise as possible in our energy saving projections.

A full report allows the customer to review existing energy usage versus proposed, as well as a payback period and savings in CO2.

Results & Reporting