Retail, Commercial & Industrial LED Lighting Installation & Maintenance

We audit, recommend, install and maintain energy efficient lighting throughout the UK and Ireland.

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About Us

We have more than 20 years experience in providing lighting installation and maintenance to clients in the retail, commercial, industrial and hospitality sectors.

We are expertly placed to audit, recommend, supply and maintain high quality, energy efficient LED lighting throughout the UK and Ireland.

At Challenger Lighting Services Ltd we have a workforce of 70+ including a team of qualified electrical engineers who are based throughout the UK and Ireland — all direct employees, no subcontractors.

We are a flexible organisation expanding in line with existing and new customer demands within the commercial and retail sector and beyond.

Our Areas of Expertise

Retail Lighting

Retail Lighting

We provide many of the leading high street brands with lighting maintenance and upgrades, improving product displays and light levels whilst still reducing energy consumption. We can undertake any type of work from single store visits to replace/repair failed luminaires, this includes traditional technologies such as CFL and HID as LED is not always viable. We also deal with national multi-site operations and provide regular planned visits to inspect, clean and spot replace failures when required ensuring constant light levels and quality of light.

Commercial Lighting

Commercial Lighting

From multi-story office blocks to single local business head offices, Challenger are on hand to offer expert advice to repair, replace or upgrade lighting systems to commercial clients, ensuring they comply with the latest standards which old lighting systems may fall short of. The ability to add smart systems to this will also give additional energy savings and the occupants more flexibility over their lighting.

Industrial Lighting

Industrial Lighting

Industrial lighting by its nature is often at high level making maintenance and upgrades costly and is often ignored creating health and safety issues. Challenger have invested heavily in specialised access equipment so we are ideally placed to carry out the maintenance or upgrade to smart systems of these areas reducing the disturbance to operations.

Hospitality Lighting

Hospitality Lighting

Lighting within hospitality often demands higher usage and longer opening hours which cause higher failure rates and if not dealt with will affect the look and feel of the establishment. Our expertise gives us access to the latest LED technologies to replace traditional lighting without changing the aesthetics these can create. Therefore the look and feel remain the same whilst reducing maintenance and energy costs.

Energy Savings with LED Lighting and Controls

The rapid development of LED lighting and controls means there has never been so many opportunities for businesses to reduce energy costs and increase light quality and longevity. We use quality lamps, components and luminaires from leading manufacturers — many of whom trust us to provide on-going service for their installations.

Our independence gives us the ability to choose the right product for the application from any of the leading proven technology providers. We are installing LED lighting schemes daily. From this we are seeing energy savings of up to 60% on sites with the addition of a smart system lighting controls, this can increase by up to a further 20%.

On-line monitoring and real time energy consumption feedback provides information on exactly how much energy is being consumed site by site or even down to single luminaires if required. The ability to dim or switch off lighting remotely gives total control over an estates lighting without the need to leave the office. Emergency lighting can now be tested on a schedule set by the user meaning there is no longer a need to pay for engineers to attend sites to carry out the test which can be time consuming and costly. Maintenance also becomes easier as failures can be spotted before they even occur and engineers sent to site with the exact components required eliminating repeat visits.

Energy Savings with LED Lighting and Lighting Controls
Inovative LED Luminaires

Complimenting our traditional maintenance services across Europe, Challenger supply and install a range of innovative luminaires to suit the majority of Retail, Commercial and Industrial environments, with a 5 year on site guarantee.

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